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5 Steps to Protect Your Family and Your Assets

Make a Plan That Reflects What Matters to You

If you have put off writing your will or deciding who gets your belongings when you’re gone, you are not alone. Face it, estate planning can seem like a chore. But—as with paying the bills or cleaning the house—it feels great when... Read More

So Long, 2022! Celebrate With Tax Savings

As you get ready to toast the new year, consider these smart ways to wrap up 2022 on a financial high note. Not only can you save on your taxes, but you can also make a huge impact at Akron Children's. Contribute appreciated stock instead of cash. If you... Read More

Save Heartache With This 1 Step

Think about how many places you have money saved. They may include: checking accounts, insurance policies and retirement plans. Now ask yourself: When I set up these accounts, did I remember to add a beneficiary? If so, did I tell that person? Read More

The Gifts That Give Rise to Breakthrough Treatments

A major factor in raising the level of care at Akron Children's Hospital has been the philanthropic giving earmarked for specific initiatives and specialties. The gifts make it possible for the hospital to continue to invest in breakthrough technologies, research... Read More