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Children's Hope Roundtable Committee

Charles W. Freeman
Chair: Mr. Charles W. Freeman
Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor
Merrill Lynch

Paul N. Catania
Mr. Paul N. Catania
Senior Vice President, Managing Director
Oswald Companies

Thomas R. Crowley
Mr. Thomas R. Crowley
Chairman of the Board (retired)
Gasko Fabricated Products Co.

Laura B. Culp
Ms. Laura B. Culp
Partner, Tax and Wealth Services, Partner in Charge,
Construction and Real Estate Services

Nathan Hershman
Mr. Nathan J. Hershman
Financial Advisor
Edward Jones Investments

Brian L. Hostettler
Mr. Brian L. Hostettler
Senior Vice President and Senior Relationship Strategist
Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth

Emily A. Klink
Emily A. Klink
PNC Wealth Management

Peggy Koblenzer
Mrs. Peggy Koblenzer
Retired Mastered Licensed Independent Social Worker

Brian C. Layman
Mr. Brian C. Layman
Layman Law Group

Mr. Sam Lupica
Founding Partner/ Wealth Advisor
Stratos Wealth Partners

John T. McBride
Dr. John T. McBride
Akron Children’s Hospital Physician

Margaret C. McBride
Dr. Margaret C. McBride
Akron Children’s Hospital Physician

Diana L. McCool
Mrs. Diana L. McCool
Akron Children's Hospital Foundation Board

Gregory A. McDermott
Mr. Gregory A. McDermott
Advisor, Kohmann Bosshard and Director, Akron Children’s Hospital

George P. Millich, Jr.
Mr. George P. Millich, Jr.
Chief Fiduciary Officer & Senior Vice President
Farmers Trust Company

Mark A. Mosley
Mr. Mark A. Mosley
Senior Vice President
Huntington Private Bank

Mark C. Pagni
Mark C. Pagni, CLU, ChFC
Wealth Guard Financial/Equitable

Tony Preziuso
Mr. Tony Preziuso
Senior Financial Planner
VALIC Financial Advisors

Steven J. Swedler
Mr. Steven J. Swedler
Pease & Associates, LLC

Marlene K. Toot
Community Leader and Volunteer

Barbara J. Varley
Mrs. Barbara J. Varley
Akron Children's Hospital Women's Board

David W. Woodburn
Mr. David W. Woodburn
Roetzel & Andress