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Children's Hope Society

The Children’s Hope Society honors individuals, living and deceased, who have included Akron Children’s Hospital in their will, trust or with another type of planned gift.

Col. George Tod Perkins laid the foundation for the Children’s Hope Society in 1890 when he gifted his house to create Akron Children’s Hospital. He and all Children’s Hope Society members are valued by the children and families they help – yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever – with their philanthropy.

If you have listed Akron Children’s Hospital in your estate plan, please let us know. We want to thank you, make sure we understand your wishes, and welcome you into the Children’s Hope Society.

To learn more about the Children’s Hope Society and how you can become a member, please contact Maureen Katanic, senior director for planned giving, at 330-543-8343 or

2017 Children’s Hope Society

Anonymous (7)
Anonymous* (9)
Mr. Henry Aberth*
Mr. Edward I. Abramson*
E. Reginald* and Rhea H.* Adam Ms. Rachel Adler*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Sterling Alderfer Rennick and Dee Andreoli
Ms. Ruth Andrews*
Ms. Rosalie G. Angel
Ellen M. Arthur*
Mr. Charles H. Axline*
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Babcox*
Ms. Marlene A. Baker
Mary Balaz*
Mr. Jeffrey A. Barbour*
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Bartholomew Alice M. Beckley*
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Beeghly
Mr. R. Thornton Beeghly*
Mr. Louis H. Benes*
Mr. James L. Beringer Sr.*
Thomas G. Bishop
Frances Y. Bittle
Agnes Agatha Blakeney*
Charles Harrison Blakeney*
Ella Mary Blakeney*
Mr. Walter L. Blosser*
Regina B. Boekley*
Glenn R.* and Alice V.* Boggess
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bonsiewicz Walter W. Born*
Vicki and Dave Brockman
Mrs. Jo Brookhart
Bruce H. Buchholzer*
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Buffee* H. Peter* and Eileen Burg
Helen Burger*
Mr. Edward A. Cain*
Karen S. Cain
Betty J. Caldwell*
Mr. Kenneth L. Calhoun*
Myrle C. Campbell*
Ms. Anita E. Capuano*
Mr. Sidney S. Carver*
Mr. and Mrs.* J. M. Chamberlain Hervey E. Chambers*
Mrs. Mary Dailey Chambers*
Mr. and Mrs. Shon Christy
Lucille Clark*
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Clites
Mr. John L. Collyer*
Bertha M. Comstock*
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Considine Merna W. Cook*
Ms. Elizabethann Craft
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Crowley Hiram J.* and Sophronia V.* Crum Iva S. Cruthers*
Ms. Antionette G. Cunning*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Charles C. Dailey Eva D. Davis*
Elizabeth C. Dellenberger*
Mr. and Mrs. James P. DeMarco Ms. Hazel Demarus Dietrich* Mary Jo Derenzo*
Margaret J. Deteske*
Jeanne Chaloner Dietz*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Donatelli Mary Isal Draper*
Mrs. Janet L. Duffy*
Mrs. Sallie Tod Dutton
Mr. Henry C. Eberly*
Mr. Lee Elkins*
Dorothy R. Ellis
Frances G. Ellsworth
Ms. Concitina Evonovich* James* and Helen* Faunce Harry Ferbstein*
Frederick T. Fiedorek*
Betty M. Flanagan*
Leila A. Fletcher*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Folb Eunice Barnes Foore*
Dr. Sarah E. Friebert
Mrs. Judith K. Frost
Mrs. Starla Gage*
Dr. Nathan* and Doris K.* Galin S. Margaret Gallagher*
Steve Gerhard
John M. Glenn
Ms. Dorothy M. Godard*
Ms. Charlene A. Gorney
Mr. and Mrs.* Richard A. Green
Prescott (Scott) F. Grif th
Mr. and Mrs.* Richard R. Grigg Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Glen Groh
Mr. Russell H. Hahlen*
Westi Hansen* and Dorothy Hansen Colburn Mrs. Marjorie B. Hartz*
Wayne Scripps Haynes*
Mr. William B. Haynes*
Eva M. Heffernan*
Mrs. Lea Anne Heidman and
Mr. Brian John Malone
Mr. Preston Hickman*
Robert E. Hillier* Family Dorothy* and Floyd* Hirschman Ms. Birdie I. Hodgson*
Blanche Isroff Hoffenberg Nellie Holb*
Mr. and Mrs. Willard R. Holland Harvey H. Hollinger*
Brian J. and Ryan M. Hollingsworth Charles L. and Gretchen L.* Horn Wanda L. Horst*
Otis A.* and Kathleen M. Hower Maude H. Hubler*
Agnes Hummer*
Mr. William A. Humphreys Jr.* Mrs. Josephine Imhoff*
William Parke Isely* Duane L. Isham
Mrs. Virginia C. Jack* Marian Jandecka* Margaret Jankowski* Mrs. Jocelyn M. Jenkins* Mary I. Johnson*
E. Keith and Joanne Jones
Mr.* and Mrs.* Ralph E. Kane
Nick and Maureen Katanic
George W.* and Mary A.* Keck
Frances W. Keller
Angela,* Jenny* and Josephine* Kikel^ Dr. Rajeev and Neeta Kishore
Fayonna J. Kline*
John S. Knight*
Mr. William Krisher*
Celia L. Krug*
Ruth E. Kyle*
Mr. and Mrs. John A. LaGuardia
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Lamos
Gertude A. Lancaster*
Ms. Elsie R. Lappin*
Mrs. Clara B. Laughlin*
Mr. John E. Lawrence*
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Lehman
Dr.* and Mrs.* Warren W. Leigh
Dr.* and Mrs.* Harold H. Leuchtag William A. Lewis*
Mamie Link*
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Long
Ms. Gladys Long*
Henry N. Luckhardt*
Mr. and Mrs. Alanson Mabry
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Magoline Edward*, Arlene* and Kaye Maibach Luella Mangano*
Carl Maphies*
Ms. Carolyn R. Maresky*
Roberta and Stan Marks
Helen Markwardt*
C. Frank* and Virginia J.* Marshall Marcia V. Mason*
Mrs. Marian E. Maynard*
Mike and Luann Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Maynard
Greg and Jackie McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. McDonald Mr.* and Mrs.* C. Blake McDowell Jr. Fay I. McGee*
Zella McGuire*
David J. McInnes*
Marjorie Evelyn McKay*
Mary J. McKitrick*
Elizabeth Miller*
Mrs. Eva Miller
Louise A. and R. Andrew Miller III
Dr. Noah* and Belle* Miller
Ricky Moore*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Alfred Morgan
Mr. Austin “Pete” Moulin*
Ms. Elva M. Neal*
Louis Nobil*
Gilbert T.* and Evelyn M.* Nolley
Jim and Vanita Oelschlager
Mae C. O’Neil*
William J. O’Neil*
Angell V. Palmer*
Ms. Paige Palmer-Ashbaugh*
Helen Fenton Palmer*
Caroline J. Pardee*
Willis H. Park*^
Mr.* and Mrs. George T. Parry
Mr. and Mrs.* W. Stuver Parry
Mr. Claude A. Pauley*
Golda A. Peck*
Col. George Tod Perkins*
Maisie Petty*
Mr. James C. Post*
Mr. Walter R. Rank*
Mr.* and Mrs. Louis Ratener
Roger and Judith* Read
Maude L. Renner*
Mrs. Gladys Richardson*
Marjorie P. Richmond*
Mr.* and Mrs.* James G. Robertson Richard J.* and Florence* Roloson
Ms. Marceline A. Rosey*
Dr. Bruce F.* and Mrs. Lola M. Rothmann Mr. Paul F. Rufenacht*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Donald Ruhnke
William T.* and Frances B.* Runals
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Russ
Ada (Mr. Sol) Sacks*
Mr. Jeffrey R. Sampson
Pearl V. Sanor*
Mrs. Ada Santmyer*
Esther Savage*
Ola E. Schlegel*
Mr. Philip H. Schneider*
Mrs. Sue E. Schumacher*
Reid and Judy Schmutz
Helen T. Scrimgeour*
William W. Scull*
Dr.* and Mrs.* George Seeley
Esther I. Sell
Ms. Diana Shelgosh
Mr. and Mrs. David Showers and Family Mrs. Elida L. Silver*
Margaret W. Silver*
Ms. Irene J. Slabodi*
Beulah K. Smith*
Ms. Donna P. Smith*
Mrs. Dorothy M. Smith*
Mr. Paul E. Smith*
Sandra and Richey Smith
Mrs. Edith Son*
Anne Audrey Soos*
Richard K. and Shirley A. Southard
Ralph B. Sprinkle*
Margaret Crawford Sprowls*
Ms. Ella Stanley*
Mr. Charles Stebbins*
Marcia and Don Stone
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Stone
Therese S. Strausser*
Helen Susan Taber*
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Tatko
Mr. Benny B. Tavaniello*
Mr. William L. Thaw*
James E.* and Pauline B.* Thompson Mr. Andrew C. Thorn*
Mrs. Fred Tod Jr.*
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Vollman
Dr.* and Mrs. Lewis H. Walker
James P. Walsh*
Harry E. Walterscheid*
Eleanor Watanakunakorn
Walter E.* and Caroline H.* Watson^ Catherine G. Weaver*
Michael A. and Laurie J. Weaver Mrs. Emily Cooper Welty
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Werntz Jr. Addie P. Williams*
William S. Wolfe*
Alan and Janice Woll
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wooldredge Wilma F. Yankulov*
Ms. Marion P. York*
Ms. Candace R. Young and
Ms. Delores M. Young
Mr.* and Mrs. Willis S. Zeigler Mr. John D. Zoilo
Mrs. Patricia Zonsius*


* Deceased

^Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley Successor Trustee